The model AP5 is a very low capacity, compact force transducer ideal for a range of measurement tasks.

The low profile, small diameter design ensures measurement tasks are straightforward even in confined spaces within assembly machinery or test equipment.


Perform highly accurate measurements of compression forces with ease by utilising the simple mounting arrangement and the central load introduction facility.

Full-bridge, bonded foil strain gauge technology provides excellent long-term stability and ensures high performance even in applications requiring over 1 million load cycles.

Optional amplified output signal is available along with a range of cable types, cable lengths and connectors. As an additional aid to system integrators, the AP5 can be supplied as a TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) enabled smart transducer. This feature provides an on board memory chip storing manufacturing and calibration data.

Key Features

  • High accuracy ± 0.1%
  • Low profile design
  • Very low capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Simple 3 point mounting system
  • Compression force measurement
  • Aluminium sensor with stainless steel covers
  • Compensated temp. -15°C to + 71°C
  • Environmental protection to IP40


  • Test & measurement tasks
  • Calibration of assembly machinery