The PA3 is a series of low capacity, aluminium single-point load cells intended fora wide range of industrial applications.

Due to the compact design, the PA3 can be integrated into low-capacityweighing machinery, medical devices and general machinery for processautomation and control.

The PA3 has a range of capacities, extending from 0.3kg to 5kg. It features full-bridge, bonded-foil strain gauge technology, which offers excellent long-termstability.

Key Features

  • Very low capacity single-pointfrom 300g to 5,000g
  • Slim and compact design
  • High-performance longevity
  • Built from high-grade aluminium
  • High accuracy ± 0.03%
  • Environmental protection to IP66


General test and measurement and machine monitoring and control. Ideal for small scales, packaging and assembly machinery or end-of-line test equipment.