Weight Sensors

Flintec offers a market-leading range of high quality, precision weight sensors for use across multiple applications and systems.

Our range of products incorporates sensors and weight measuring devices, designed to be a complete weighing system. Flintec’s electronic measuring devices are well known for their accuracy and reliability.

Flintec Product Catalogue

  • why choose a flintec weight sensor?

    Flintec load sensors are manufactured with the highest quality, ensuring a highly accurate and reliable force measuring device.

    Our service is second to none. Each customer will be given a dedicated sales representative to assist with pricing, orders and queries. We won’t pass you around to different people and will ensure that your orders are processed and delivered as quickly as possible.

  • finding an instrument used to measure force

    At the core of our strain sensor range is a variety of products that provide a full choice of weighing solutions, suited to a range of applications.

    Our weight measuring devices include various high capacity, high accuracy, load cell sensors, along with force sensors, extensometers and load pins.

  • solutions for unique weight measuring devices applications

    If a suitable weight sensor cannot be found in our standard list of products, Flintec offers customers the ability to adapt or create custom electronic measuring devices for individual applications.

    Each of our standard strain sensors can be supplied with a wide range of cables and connectors as well third-party branding and labelling.