Process Automation + Control

We offer an extensive list of products for use in the process automation and control sectors.

Applications range from the control of machines that assemble microchips to machines that pump oil from underground reservoirs.

All of our products are built to the highest standard of quality, ensuring optimal performance across the board. Unique applications can receive customized solutions.

effective solutions

In electronic assembly equipment or screen printing machinery, Flintec can provide bespoke solutions to control the insertion force applied to components or the dispensing of screen printing adhesives. Our solutions can be as simple as turning a machine component into a strain gauge bridge or ­ if required ­ we are able to design compact and yet robust force sensors.

Our rugged load cell solutions are to be found in the oil and gas industry, where our pump off control load cells are used to control the efficiency of oil wells.

Pipe bending machinery, stamping machines and presses are further examples where Flintec sensors and strain gauge instrumentation is specified to control machines to ensure high quality of operation and to maximize production efficiency.

  • Electronic assembly equipment

    Used to monitor the insertion forces of components in electronic assembly equipment. Flintec supplies bespoke systems based upon the MB Series of miniature force sensors, in both standard compression and thur-hole compression, supplied with or without amplification.

  • Oil well pumps

    The Flintec Model CC1 is a thru-hole, hermetically sealed, stainless steel load cell used to control the operation of oil well pumps. Supplied with or without 4-20mA outputs and a range of connector/cable configurations the CC1 is designed to withstand the harshest applications found in the oil industry.

  • Press fit systems

    Monitoring pressing forces in component assembly operations requires robust force sensors. Flintec offers bespoke solutions based upon our in-house strain gauge technology and high quality sensor designs. Compact dimensions and hermetic sealing are available.

  • Printing machines

    Measurement of the weight of paper or plastic film rolls consumed or generated by printing machines requires tough load cells. The Flintec range of bending beam load cells such the Model SB4 supplied with integral roller bearings can handle loads up to 10T.

  • Tablet presses

    Used to monitor the pressure within the dies of tablet presses, the Flintec load cell Model PC22 combined with the family of Flintec high accuracy measurement electronics offer extreme precision and reliability. Individual components or complete measurement solutions are available upon request.

  • Inventory control systems

    Increasingly, automated storage systems benefit from Flintec weighing technology. The low profile single point load cell Model PC22 with a capacity range of 5kg ¬ 40kg is ideally suited for weighing of storage containers in part counting and inventory management applications. The ultra-low profile Planar Beam Model PB and Model PBW provide OEM’s with an even greater flexibility when designing in weighing technology.