Weight Sensors Hardware

We offer an extensive range of mounting hardware/weigh modules designed to optimize load cell performance.

Poorly designed equipment will compromise the accuracy of even the best load cells. That is why we put just as much care and attention into the manufacture of all our hardware components. Carefully constructed from the best raw materials, we ensure robust products that deliver a lifetime of high performance.

Flintec Product Catalogue

As with our range of load cells, we offer a variety of options for your choice of weigh module or mechanical application part. Beyond our standard range of products, we can also provide customized solutions to solve any unique challenges you may have.

We are happy to supply technical and installation drawings to help guide your engineers through the technical specifications of a Flintec weigh module. You can find download links for these on the relevant product pages.

When you request any hardware from our standard range, we will ship it to you immediately from one of our global facilities. Our large stock enables us to quickly and conveniently satisfy customer orders.

For more information, please contact us.