Research + Development

Every year Flintec invests 10 per cent of its revenues in new product development.

We dedicate our resources to four prime areas:

New Generic Products: we are constantly adding to our existing product line so that we can become a one-stop shop for our customers.

Development of customized solutions: we are regularly requested to develop unique designs of load cells, force sensors and systems for a growing portfolio of clients across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

Development of new technologies: We are continually thinking outside the box, thinking about how we can integrate new technologies, how we can use new technology to complement what we do. We actively research completely new sensing technologies.

Process Improvement: We have a desire to continually improve what we do. We strive to increase our manufacturing efficiencies, increase our ‘right first time’ yields so that we can deliver ever more accurate and higher performing products.

Our R&D teams are located in three locations: the USA, UK and Sri Lanka. They serve our North American, European and Asian customer bases respectively.

Our team of 60 engineers uses a common suit of development tools so that data and designs can be readily transferred between sites, ensuring that projects are delivered on time.

Rapid prototyping facilities ­ combined with dedicated temperature, humidity, load and force generation machines and electronic test facilities ­ are utilized to ensure ‘right first time’ and ‘right on time’ product development.

Our in-house expertise embraces mechanical design, electronic design, software development, industrial design and strain gauge design and development.

Benefit from our strong commitment to R&D. Contact our expert team to discuss projects that require customized load cell and force measurement solutions.