Load Cell Applications

The requirement to measure weight or force is not limited to any particular industry or application. At Flintec, our sensors service a wide range of different applications across various industries.

We have defined six load cell applications where our sensors are regularly used.

Brewery equipment. An example application for load cells and force sensors.

Why use Flintec products?

Flintec has been in business since 1968 and has grown into a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of weight and force sensing solutions. Or products are well known for their accuracy and reliability, ensuring dependability for our customers.

Combined with our market leading family of load cells is a comprehensive range of mounting hardware and electronics that can be joined for use across various applications.

Our weight sensors are designed for use in low to high capacity load cell applications and are available in a range of shapes and profiles to satisfy the most challenging of installations. We supply products in stainless steel with hermetic sealing for use in highly corrosive or hazardous environments.

Contact us to discuss your load cell installation requirements in more detail.

Solutions for unique load cell applications

For customers who require a unique load cell installation, our team of highly skilled engineers can help.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest companies to deliver fully bespoke, unique solutions, servicing specific weight and force measurement requirements. If our standard load cell application categories are not relevant, contact your local Flintec representative to discuss how we can help.

Flintec load cell installation applications defined

Weighing Machinery

Applications include truck scales, railway scales, supermarket scales, bench scales, heavy duty scales or any type of standard scale.

Process Weighing

Applications include machinery for bag filling, bottle filing, high speed checkweighers, multi-head packing machines, silo/tank weighing systems and conveyor scales.

Medical Device

Standard applications include load cell installations in baby scales, hospital beds, infant incubators, infusion pumps, patient hoists and exercise equipment.

Industrial and Agricultural Vehicles

Applications include on-board vehicle weighing, overhead cranes, combine harvesters, feed mixer wagons, waste collection vehicles, tipper trucks and aerial work platforms.

Test and Measurement

Applications include hand tools, dynamometers, press control, material test machines, haptic technology and general testing applications.

Process Automation Control

Applications include oil well pumps, press fit systems, inventory control systems, electronic assembly equipment, tablet presses, and printing machines.