The FT-10 Flow weighing controller is a very precise discontinuous dosing controller and is used especially for flow control in the production and for the summation of the transported material. This device also provides information on the estimated material flow rate for the next 24 hours and over the day’s total weight. The weighing controller offers 4 opto-isolated and 2 non-isolated digital inputs as well as 5 relay contacts as outputs. The weighing controller can also be used for different purposes, such as the weight of the entire production batch, the total weight, week total weight .

Key Features

  • EU Type approved for 10 000 intervals
  • Internal resolution16 000 000 counts, display up to 999 000 counts
  • Approved sensitivity 0.4 μV/e
  • Conversation rate 1600/s
  • Serial Interface RS232C, RS485
  • 4-wire or 6-wire technology
  • 4x isolated digital inputs (24 V) and 5x
  • isolated digital outputs
  • 10 step adjustable digital adaptive Filter
  • Calibration with eCal or test weights
  • Display kg or lb
  • Functions: Flow rate control, accumulation control, By-pass function, control of emptying pipe


Universal weighing, process weighing, process automation & control, test and measurement applications.