Single Point Load Cells

A Flintec single point load cell is known across the world for quality, accuracy and reliability.

Our family of sensors are purpose-built for use in high accuracy applications such as industrial weighing, packaging, onboard vehicle weighing and various medical applications. Calibrated to be insensitive to off centre working loads allows a Flintec single point load cell to be highly precise in industries that demand precision.

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    For highly corrosive, harsh environments where a load cell single point application is required, you can trust in our use of stainless steel, combined with a glass-to-metal hermetically sealed manufacturing process, to ensure durability. Less corrosive applications can use our load cells single point aluminium range, with a unique humidity resistant coating.

    Accompanying our selection of sensors is a variety of precision measuring electronics and mounting hardware for all different types of weighing applications.

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    As with all of our sensor families, versions are available with weights and measures approvals such as OIML or NTEP, approvals for use in hazardous areas as well as custom cable types, lengths and connectors are standard features of our single point load cell collection.