Flintec’s shear beam load cell range is ideally suited to all industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications.

The beam type load cell family, sometimes known as a bending load cell, tend to be the most commonly used due to the variety of available options. Applications include filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing, plus diverse applications in on-board vehicle weighing, medical equipment and process control, where a load cell shear beam installation is required.

  • versatile + reliable

    A Flintec bending beam load cell is manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring that our sensors remain reliable and accurate. At the core of our shear beam load cell range is the use of stainless steel, combined with modern sealing compounds providing durability for most applications. For optimal durability, hermetically sealed versions are also available.

    Our bending beam load cells are available with a list of standard or optional features. We have models that feature approvals such as OIML or NTEP, as well as versions approved for use in hazardous areas. Cable lengths, cable types and connectors can all be adapted to match individual requirements.

  • hardware + electronics

    Complementing the Flintec beam load cell family is a comprehensive range of mounting hardware and electronics, simplifying the process of load cell shear beam integration into all types of weighing applications.