The LCS-1 and LCS-1D are used to simulate the output of a single strain gauge based load cell – they are ideal for testing and troubleshooting weighing indicators and weighing systems. For analogue systems, the LCS-1 is powered from the connected weighing electronics the output is adjustable with the rotary knob between 0 – 2mV/V. The LCS-1D is used to simulate the output from one digital load cell using a RS485 interface. The LCS-1D has an output range between 0 – 400,000 counts which is adjustable by the rotary knob. The compact housing (83mm x 54mm x 33mm) housing is constructed from rugged ABS weighing 200g.

Key Features

  • ABS housing
  • 83mm x 54mm x 33mm
  • weight 200g
  • available in two versions for analogue and digital systems


Testing, troubleshooting and set-up for analogue and digital weighing electronics.