The TR2 is a precision scale PCB assembly with integral 24-bit sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converter, accelerometer for tilt detection, and a microcontroller with OIML compliant functionality.

A low-cost, high-precision instrument, designed for use in OIML Class III approved weighing systems.

There are two variants, to cater for different supply voltages: TR2-A (5V) and TR2-B (10-24V).

Key features

  • CAN Interface
  • RS-232 Serial Interfaces
  • RS-485 Serial Interface
  • I2C, SPI & UART Serial Interfaces
  • USB interface for service only
  • Up to 4x load cells (350Ω or 1,000Ω) summed, up to ±3mV/V; +5V DC excitation
  • Accelerometer for tilt detection


Medical scales, Retail scales, General weighing equipment