The MCS-64 is s state-of-the-art multi-channel A/D for both static and dynamic weighing tasks which can provide up to 64 weighing channels in one system. Available in 3 versions for automatic weighing, fluid filling and loss in weight. Comprising of the core high resolution A/D with standard weighing functions, the system can be enhanced by choosing from a variety of fieldbus interface modules, a base board and a variety of extension boards. Certified to OIML for 10,000 scale divisions it has excellent linearity for the most demanding weighing applications. High speed weighing is possible with an internal conversion rate of up to 2400 measurements/sec.

Key Features

  • DIN rail mounted enclosure to IP20
  • 0.002% accuracy
  • 4 or 6 wire load cell connection
  • CANbus, Profibus and Ethernet bus options available
  • OIML certified to 10,000 scale divisions
  • Connection for up to 64 load cells of 1000Ω bridge resistance
  • Conversion rate of 2400 measurements/sec
  • Firmware options for automatic weighing
  • Fluid filling and loss-in weight weighing.


Universal Process Weighingsystems and process automation & control applications.