The JBE junction box connects four load cells in parallel. Two variants are available, one with a polyester enclosure, the other with an aluminium enclosure.

The junction box is designed to be used with the EM100 electronics module and features a socket compatible with all EM100 module variants. When used in conjunction with the EM100, the JBE acts as a fully-fledged measurement system, adopting the characteristics of the selected amplifier module installed.

Connect to peripheral equipment via any of the interfaces offered by the EM100, including RS232, RS485, CANopen or USB (Setup). The Flintec Device Configurator (FDC) is a Windows-based software that can be used with the JBE-EM100 system for setup and signal analysis on a PC.

Key Features

  • Connection for up to 4 load cells
  • Rugged aluminium or polyester enclosure
  • Environmental protection to IP66
  • Cable connection with clamping terminals
  • Corner trimming by exchangeable fixed resistors
  • Single, open socket for the EM100 (-G, -C, -F, -A)


Universal weighing, process weighing, process automation & control, test & measurement applications.