The PD3 is a high-performance load cell capable of 0.05% non-linearity in capacities from 2.2 pounds up to 500 pounds in both tension and compression.

The internal overload stops provide protection up to 1000% of the rated capacity which is especially important with lower capacity designs. With a length of 1.75” and a height of 1.27”, the compact size PD3 makes it an ideal choice in applications where space is limited.

The PD3 is also available in 2 different design alternatives that offer varying load introduction techniques. The standard design includes a threaded hole in the center beam while the optional “saddle” design provides some additional flexibility in terms of mounting. Both designs are constructed from a high-grade 2024 aluminum up to 100 pounds and 17-4 Stainless at capacities of 200 and beyond.

The standard PD3 provides an environmental seal consistent with an IP65 rating. It also includes flying leads but can be fitted with a variety of user preferred connectors suitable for your application.

Key Features

  • Capacity range from 2.2lb to 500lb
  • Overload protection
  • Built from high-grade aluminium (2.2-100lb) and stainless steel (200 &500lb)
  • Environmental protection to IP65
  • Accurate and compact


Force testing machines across a wide variety of applications.