Key features

  • High accuracy
  • Up to 1,200 samples per second for the DC models. (80 for the AC)
  • Extensive command set
  • Excitation for up to 6 load cells
  • CAN Interface with CANOpen Protocol.
  • Serial interface for direct connection to PC or PLC
  • GPIOs (2x logical inputs & 2x logical outputs)
  • 6-wire technology
  • OIML ‘legal-for-trade’ certifications
  • Uses Flintec FDC software (for analysis and config)
  • Optional adapter board


EM100 is designed for a range of universal weighing applications where high speed, accurate weighing is required. General applications include process weighing as well as process automation and control. Configurations include AWI & NAWI weighing, check weighing and gravimetric filling.