Load Cells Experts Flintec Provide Weighing Solution For John Bowler Eggs

Load cells experts at Flintec are supplying sophisticated process weighing equipment to help boost productivity at Britain’s largest supplier of free range eggs.

Flintec is providing John Bowler Eggs with silo weighing equipment so the company can assess more accurately when poultry feed silos need replenishing and eggs need collecting.

John Bowler Eggs works with a network of 150 egg producers across the UK to supply some of Britain’s biggest supermarkets, including Sainsbury and Waitrose. Together the producers provide John Bowler’s clients with more than 1.5 million eggs per day.

John Bowler works with producers by supplying their birds with feed and collecting the eggs. The company is always seeking to maximise returns for its producers and so called on Flintec to create a load cells solution that would streamline the process and make it more efficient.

Flintec’s load cell designers responded with a process weighing system that could be installed at all the egg producers’ farms – silo weighing equipment that could be monitored remotely, telling John Bowler precisely when feed would need replenishing and eggs should be collected.

It has resulted in a series of important ‘wins’:

  • John Bowler Eggs can now plan vehicle journeys more efficiently, reducing the number of trips required, saving fuel and driver hours.
  • Egg producers benefit from the efficiencies thanks to the savings being made by John Bowler.
  • Countryside communities and the environment will benefit from the reduced numbers of lorry journeys needed.

Flintec started with a pilot project to equip three John Bowler egg producers with the silo weighing equipment. The technology proved so efficient at these sites that the scheme is now being rolled out to all 150 producers across the UK.

Load cells specialists at Flintec based their solution on three tried and tested products:

  • Type RC3 compression load cells, ­ the industry benchmark for high quality precision accuracy column load cells.
  • Type 55-20 Flintec self-aligning weighing modules with integrated lift-off and bump stops for compression load cells, designed for demanding applications such as silo and tank weighing.
  • Type LDU68.2 load cell electronics that integrate seamlessly into automation systems.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said: “As a global provider of load cells technology, Flintec’s expertise is unrivalled.

“This contract demonstrates once again how Flintec has evolved from a load cells supplier to a provider of complete end-to-end seamless solutions.”

Flintec has as least half a century of expertise in solving process weighing challenges for engineers across the planet. Its designers provide fast, stable and seamless load cells solutions with either off the shelf or customized load cell technology.

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