Force Sensors

Here at Flintec, our force sensor range provides solutions that integrate effectively into a wide variety of industrial applications. They include customized load pins, extensometers, torque sensors and a range of miniature force sensors.

Our miniature force sensors comprise of button, s-beam, thru-hole and press-fit devices, designed for integration into various test and measure applications.

Flintec Product Catalogue

Force Transducers and Force Measurement

Our strain gauge shear pins are extensively used for force measurement in lifting systems and suspended or rotating machines. They are available in a range of external dimensions and rated capacities and can feature either potted, external strain gauges or down-hole, hermetic strain gauges. Both analogue output and amplified output versions are available.

Our other force measurement devices include a range of miniature tension and button force sensor ideal for instances where space is a limiting factor. They are applicable in a variety of fields such the medical sector, the test and measurement sector and the process, automation and control sector.

Our force measuring devices currently have a broad spectrum of capacities, ranging from as little as 10kg up to 5000kg. This is continually growing to meet the needs of our customers, striving to ensure everyone can get a device that measures force that’s suitable for his or her particular application.

Our XT50 extensometer is a widely used force transducer, applied in industrial and agricultural vehicles, press control and inventory control in storage silos.

When you request any force cell or sensor from our standard range, we will ship it to you immediately from one of our global facilities. We also offer customized solutions for any unique applications you may have.

You can rely on us at Flintec to provide the very best in quality and precision, creating force measurement systems that you can trust.

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