Our products are designed to meet and often exceed our customers’ requirements in terms of performance and reliability. We achieve this by applying our years of experience in load cell, force sensor and electronic design, choosing the best raw materials and applying the best production processes.

Our continuous improvement initiatives keep pushing us forward in a never-ending quest to improve our products in terms of accuracy and reliability.

All our load cells and force sensors are subjected to a multitude of checks ­ from the coordinate measuring equipment (CMM) through assembly and temperature and load calibration and final product auditing ­ we conduct numerous checks, each check recorded and stored for full product traceability.

Remember at Flintec we fully test every product we supply.

Metrology Certification

Most of our load cells and electronic modules are certified (legal for trade) to International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) and National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) standards. We also carry the Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP) certificate that ensures that our production continues to meet the original NTEP certification standard.

Our manufacturing operations are also certified by the National Measurement Office (UK) to self-verify (SV) weighing equipment in accordance with the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive 2009/23/EC.

Electronic Certification

Our sub-systems, electronic modules and weight indicators are CE compliant to the latest standards.

Hazardous Area Certification

For customers who supply their equipment into potential explosive environments we can supply ATEX and FM certification for the majority of our load cells.

Quality Management Systems & Resources

Our Sri Lankan design, development and manufacturing sites are certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485­ providing our customers with assurance that when Flintec is called on to design and produce either a standard or customised product, we will do so in a consistent and professional manner.

Within our two manufacturing facilities we have teams of quality assurance personnel who manage our quality systems, conduct continuous product audits and work with our suppliers and customers to ensure total quality.

Contact our engineers for further information about Flintec’s quality accreditations.