A Flintec s type load cell, also known as an s beam load cell, has been purpose built for a variety of applications. Common uses include medical devices such as patient lifting systems and process weighing/general measurement uses for hopper and suspended tank weight measurement.

Our compact s shaped load cell range is available in low and high capacity choices. When combined with Flintec’s range of electronics, a load cell s type installation for any purpose can be easily achieved, whilst maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Alongside our wide range of complete system electronics is the Type 53-04 self-aligning s load cell assembly, which in relevant applications can prevent unwanted forces from affecting the performance of a Flintec s type loadcell.

Approvals for our s beam load cells include FM, OIML, ATEX and NTEP. IP68 protection is also available within our s beam load cell range as a result of hermetic encapsulation.

Contact us to find out more about our s shaped load cell variations, with standard products available for immediate shipping anywhere in the world via our strategically located facilities.