Load Cell Electronics

Here at Flintec, we offer a broad range of electronics and load cell controllers that integrate seamlessly with our other products.

All our electronics are continuously evolving to feature faster and more powerful components. This commitment to innovation ensures that we can meet any new challenge or application.

Flintec Product Catalogue

Why choose Flintec electronics?

Our electronics are easy to install, feature electronic immunity and high reliability. When choosing a load cell controller or another electronic component you can rely on us to deliver quality and precision.

In addition to our standard range of electronics, we offer customised, embedded electronics and software solutions.

We routinely supply customers in a variety of industries. These include weighing machinery, medical devices, industrial and agricultural machinery and process control sectors.

Our large stock enables us to quickly and conveniently satisfy customer orders.

When you request any electronics from our standard range, we will ship it to you immediately from one of our global facilities.

Contact us to find out more about our electronics.