Flintec offers a range of high-performance products for weight and force measurement applications, many of which can be combined to form complete systems.

We offer strain gauge load cells, strain gauge force sensors, amplifiers, A/D converters, weight indicators and mechanical application parts allowing for various fitment types.

Flintec Product Catalogue

  • custom options

    At Flintec we offer our customers the opportunity to alter our range of standard sensors to show their company branding and to request different configurations for cables and connectors.

    For those who require a more in-depth level of customisation, Flintec offers a completely bespoke service of product and system production from conception through to manufacturing. We have specialist engineers who can develop hardware, software and electronics within a fully project managed process.

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  • strain gauge bonding services

    For clients who need to turn an existing component into a force measuring device, we can provide a fast and reliable service utilising our years of strain gauge knowledge.

  • system and sub-system manufacturing

    We design and manufacture complete products for our clients, from integrating electronics and mechanical components with our sensors to building complete systems such as weighing scales and medical devices.

    We create our own strain gauges, machine and assemble our own products and test and calibrate every sensor and system within our own manufacturing facilities.

    Our extensive stock of standard products at our facilities in Sri Lanka, Germany, the UK, USA and Brazil means we can ship products immediately upon request.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements for standard and customized load cell and force measurement products.