Type DAD 142.2 is a powerful and economical state-of-the-art electronic device for any weighing and filling operation. The basic device provides already all communication interfaces that are needed for industrial weighing, control and registration, i.e. Profibus, RS422/485 and digital I/O for direct control of valves or bars etc.

Key Features

  • EU Type approved for 10 000 intervalls ( in progress)
  • Linearity better than 0.001 %
  • Load cell exitation 5 V DC for up to 6 load cells a 350 Ω or 18 load cells 1100 Ω
  • 6-wire technology
  • Calibration with weight or in mV/V
  • Max. conversion rate of 600 updates / s
  • Digital filters, programmable
  • Local display
  • Serial interface RS422/485
  • Profibus interface
  • 2 digital inputs (isolated)
  • 3 digital outputs (isolated)
  • Power supply 10…30V DC
  • DIN rail mounting TS35


Universal Process Weighingsystems and process automation & control applications.

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