Flintec investigating bespoke load cell application for inventory control

Our specialist engineers are currently building a bespoke load cell application for monitoring inventory. The application aims to provide information on the number of items being stored, or removed, from a concealed, secure location.

The specification given for this installation involved:

  • Maximising the volume available for storing items, requiring the assembly to be considerably minimised. This led to the use of low profile load cells and load introduction components.
  • A scale capacity of 100kg was given as a target with 1 ­ 2g resolution of indicated weight.
  • The placement or location of the inventory could not impact weight reading, meaning the load cells output signal needed to be independent of the load placement.
  • A specific cost per unit was assigned to the project and agreed by our clients. This led to restrictions on the choice of design and materials that could be used.
  • Due to the nature of the application, it was vital that the design be robust and able to take overloading as well as general wear and tear.

Our engineers, through working closely with the client, have been able to successfully produce a product development plan, which meets the project specifications. Work is currently on going to produce the final prototype, ready for approval by the customer.

If you have any questions about this application, or would like to discuss similar applications, contact our specialist project engineers.