Here at Flintec we offer a range of load cell mounts for use in different applications. Their purpose is to optimize the performance of our load cells. They ensure proper alignment and prevent unwanted forces from impacting readings.

  • designed for performance

    Poorly designed load mounts can compromise the performance of even the best load cell. This is why we put just as much care and attention into manufacturing all our mounts.

    We construct our mounting hardware to the highest grade using the best raw materials. Our in-house manufacturing gives us complete control over the entire development process. As such we can assure robust and high-performance products.

    When you request any load mount from our standard range, we will ship it to you immediately from one of our global facilities. Our large stock ensures we can satisfy customer orders, whatever the demand.

    For more information, please contact us.

  • custom support

    If your application requires special consideration, we offer customized load cell mounting. We strive to find innovative solutions to suit any project you may have. Custom work can range from small-scale tweaks to larger, in-depth developments. It depends on what your particular requirements are

    We are happy to supply technical and installation drawings to help guide your engineers.