First Global Load Cell Manufacturer To Gain EN13485 Medical Approval

Flintec has become the first major load cell manufacturer to gain a vital quality standard for the engineering of medical devices.

Global load cell supplier Flintec has scored a major coup by gaining the highly respected EN13485 standard.

EN13485 is a crucially important quality standard for Flintec which cites the medical and pharmaceutical sector as the fastest growing area of its load cells business.

It means that more medical equipment manufacturers than ever across the world will be entrusting their most complex load cell, weighing and force measurement challenges to Flintec’s world-class engineers.

Increasingly that means bringing in load cell manufacturer Flintec’s engineers at the start of the design process – enabling them to provide critical solutions that cut project costs and shorten time to market.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said of the EN13485 standard: “This is a demonstration of the high standards that are running throughout all our factories.

“Flintec now has third party medical industry certification of the quality systems running from product research and development through to manufacture.”

He added: “A lot of work has gone into this. There has been a significant effort on behalf of all our staff across the organisation to ensure that all our systems are in place in manufacturing and engineering.

“This demonstrates the dedication of the team across the world – engineers, manufacturing and management have all factored in this important strategic announcement.”

Load cell manufacturers at Flintec have already scored major successes in the medical sector over the last 12 months including:

  • recruiting eight new software and electronic developers to meet growing demand in the rapidly expanding medical devices division.
  • creating precision load cells and electronics for new dialysis machines used in critical organ failure situations. They keep patients alive by measuring up to 2,500 times per second the exact quantities of fresh blood and waste blood involved in the dialysis process.
  • designing custom-made load cells and connector circuits for new infusion pumps used in pain relief fluid drips in hospitals, outpatient clinics and during home care.
  • developing a force sensor used in an advanced artificial knee joint. The dual-channel sensor controls the movement of the intelligent knee joint so that it flexes or remains firm, depending upon the user’s movements.

Load cell suppliers Flintec have expanded their medical and pharmaceutical load sensor business by bringing in expert senior managers with a strong background in the sector.

Head of Engineering Bruce Somerton’s background is in the medical sector, as is that of Sri Lanka Managing Director John Owen, who also specialises in quality.

Flintec’s range of products includes:

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