Torque sensors are extensively used in our modern world, particularly in the automotive industry.

Many assembly processes require accurate torque measurement to meet required quality control and safety standards.

Case Study

Recently, Flintec developed a torque sensor for a leading global supplier of pneumatic tools. We created a range of different capacity transducers that needed to fit a predefined enclosure and meet very strict tolerances for accuracy and long term repeatability.

Utilising Flintec strain gauges and sensor know-how the result was a compact sensor designed to measure reaction torque in hand tools typically used in automotive assembly lines. Our robust in-house manufacturing resources allow us to meet any demand and upscale production as and when it is needed.

Custom Solutions

Here at Flintec we offer customized torque sensor solutions. We will work closely with you to develop a torque load cell tailored to suit your application.

Our world class engineers will deliver innovative solutions in torque measurement that can help reduce your project costs and time to market.


At Flintec we pride ourselves on quality. Our ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices) certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality control. As such you can trust us to deliver the very best consistently.

We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sensor solutions with design teams located in the USA, UK and Sri Lanka serving a global customer base.

For more information about torque measuring solutions, please contact us.