Our range of platform load cells (also known as single point load cells) provide a perfect solution for general measurement and weighing.

Designed and calibrated to be insensitive to off-center loads, they are a versatile and highly accurate solution. They are ideal for retail and industrial scales, packaging machines, onboard weighing and medical devices. For harsh environments, we offer a broad selection of hermetically sealed load cells made of high-quality stainless steel. For more moderate conditions we provide a range of aluminum load cells featuring our industry-unique humidity resistant coating.

Our platform load cells are available in a wide variety of capacities from 5kg through to 10,000kg and are available with certification to OIML and NTEP standards. For hazardous environments, they can be supplied with both ATEX and FM certification.

We provide complementary electronics and hardware to optimize the performance of your weighing system.

For further information on purchasing a platform load cell, please contact us.