Corporate Responsibility

As a member of the Indutrade family of companies, Flintec takes great pride in ensuring our business operations are responsible and sustainable.

We focus on continued profitable growth which allows us to invest in our business, employees and customer service. Since our establishment many years ago, we have a long-term vision and strategy at the heart of everything that we do as a business.

Continued high levels of investment – in excess of 10% of annual sales revenues – is used to drive innovation and new product development. Increasingly, more of our products and solutions are used by clients in a diverse range of industries to increase machine and process efficiencies and to enhance the health and safety of equipment.

We operate in countries across the world and ensure all of our employees uphold and benefit from our values.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity as well as our approach to human rights and the environment. We demand the same standards from our supply chain.

We encourage anyone who feels Flintec has acted improperly to report misconduct via the Indutrade whistleblowing procedure.