Load Cell Manufacturer Flintec Gains VCAP Quality Standard

Load cell manufacturer Flintec has gained the VCAP quality standard, confirming the consistent quality of its load cells and other force measurement products.

This is a major benefit for Flintec customers. Manufacturers which use Flintec’s ultra-precise load cells at the heart of their products will now be able to meet the VCAP standard more easily.

VCAP -­ the Verified Conformity Assessment Program -­ is an assurance that a manufacturer’s products are all built to the same exacting standards.

The aim is to marginalise less scrupulous manufacturers who gain a quality standard only to then cut corners and churn out inferior quality products.

VCAP reinforces the strong reassurance already provided by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), a quality benchmark for precision accuracy in weights and measures.

Under VCAP procedures, products are tested regularly to ensure they continue to conform to the high standards of accuracy and quality required.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said: “We gained VCAP on the first audit, we passed first time.

“This is because testing for quality and accuracy at Flintec is already so rigorous that the requirements of VCAP were already enshrined in our existing processes.”

Gaining VCAP assists Flintec with its on-going NTEP certification ­- driving consistency, providing accountability and differentiating the company from other load cell manufacturers.

The National Conference of Weights and Measures has stipulated that all manufacturers producing NTEP-conforming products must also gain the VCAP standard.

VCAP certification for Flintec further boosts confidence among manufacturers which rely on the company’s ultra-precise load cells and force measurement solutions.

Flintec’s load cell technology is at the heart of some of the world’s most sophisticated weighing and force measurement equipment. Flintec load cells are used for benchmarking in precision testing and calibration.

Last year Flintec announced that it had become the first major load cell manufacturer in the world to gain the much respected EN13485 standard for the engineering of medical devices.

Increasing numbers of manufacturers are turning to Flintec to help them create new innovations in the medical equipment sector. It has become the fastest growing area of Flintec’s business.

Manufacturers seeking load cell suppliers are working with Flintec because the company goes far beyond simply manufacturing load cells.

They are teaming up with Flintec so they can incorporate its load cell expertise into their design strategies from day one.

This creates a wealth of opportunities, enabling manufacturers to create solutions that previously may not have been possible.

Forging a partnership with Flintec also offers other important benefits:

  • lower costs
  • shorter time to market
  • ready access to Flintec’s wider global markets.

Flintec’s range of products includes:

  • precision accuracy strain gage load cell solutions
  • electronics including load cell amplifiers, digitising units, weighing indicators, remote displays, measuring instruments
  • load sensor solutions, force measurement sensors
  • customised solutions -­ load cells and other force measurement products tailor-made for the most demanding applications.

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