Flintec Launches New Food And Pharma Compression Load Cell Range

Flintec has launched a new range of load cells and a weigh module designed specifically for vessel and silo weighing in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The new Model Q50 load cells and associated Model 66-20 weigh module are constructed in electro-polished stainless steel in compliance with the best practice in the food and pharma industries.

Importantly for plant managers and system integrators, the load cells and weigh modules are designed to be hygienic.

Q50 compression load cells are fully laser welded, stainless steel and – due to their circular design – they will not form traps for dirt and dust.

The concept has been extended to the 66-20 weigh module family which is constructed of few parts and has a smooth surface for exceptional ease of cleaning.

The Q50 and 66-20 are ideal for CIP (Clean-in-Place) and SIP (Sterilisation-in-Place) processes.

The superior environmental protection offered by the Q50 load cell family ensures IP69K and IP68 levels of performance.

The combination of both load cell and weigh module offer an exceptional range of weighing capacities within one standardised family – ranging from 500kg for low capacity vessels through to 30,000kg for high capacity storage silos.

At the heart of the Q50 are Flintec’s in-house standard features such as the company’s own manufactured strain gauge technology and robust glass-to-metal and dry nitrogen sealing technology.

Flintec Group Managing Director David Weeks said: “Until now plant engineers have used our RC3 compression load cells for weighing silos and vessels – and they’re great load cells. They are robust, accurate and extremely dependable.

“But the Q50 is the next generation for food and pharma applications. They are low profile – which is very important – easy to install and have been designed specifically for hygiene-critical applications.”

The new Q50 load cells were complemented by the alloy steel, plated 66-20 weigh modules where lower costs were a consideration, he added.

The Q50 and 66-20 are important additions to Flintec’s other process weighing solutions such as the:

  • RC3 compression column load cell and 55-20 weigh module
  • SLB bending beam and 52-13 and 52-18 weigh modules
  • SB4 and SB14 bending beam load cells and 52-13 and 52-18 weigh modules.

Supporting the new family of load cells and weigh modules is the ever growing range of Flintec weighing electronics such as the FAA-25 analogue amplifier and the FAD-30/40 A/D converters. They provide the process weighing market with one of the most comprehensive lines of solutions available.

Flintec is one of the world’s biggest load cell manufacturers. The group has design teams in the USA, UK and Sri Lanka.