Growing Weighbridge Use Boosts Demand For Flintec Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells innovator Flintec is experiencing growing demand for its products because increasing legislation and landfill taxes are driving up use of weigh-bridges.

Local authorities and police across the world are making increasing use of weigh-bridges and truck scales to monitor the impact of heavy goods vehicles on roads.

Local and central government officials and agencies around the world are also using weigh-bridges more than ever to measure how much waste goes to landfill then setting taxes accordingly.

In turn, haulage and logistics companies are investing in their own truck scales to ensure that trucks are running as fully laden and cost-effectively as possible.

Compression load cells manufacturer Flintec is experiencing increasing demand from weigh-bridge companies as a result.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said: “We probably sell more load cells to truck scales and weigh-bridge manufacturers than any other company in the world.

“Increasing numbers of weigh-bridge manufacturers are coming to us because of the accuracy, longevity and consistency of our compression load cells.

“Their lead times are getting shorter. Other manufacturers struggle to meet those lead times but we can supply direct from stock.”

Global force measurement experts at Flintec have decades of experience in the field, having started out in the design and manufacture of weigh-bridges.

Flintec invented modern compression load cells and continues to be at the forefront of innovation in this field. Its tried and tested RC1 load cells remain popular, despite being superseded by newer designs such as the RC3 and its digital version, the RC3D.

All three compression load cells are designed for high accuracy applications such as truck and railway scales; tank and silo weighing and ultra-high capacity industrial scales.

They feature side force compensation and are back-filled with dry nitrogen for prolonged accuracy. Rugged stainless steel construction, welding and glass-to-metal sealing protect them in the toughest environments:

  • RC1 Compression Load Cell – 250kN to 900kN (25.5t to 91.8t); IP68; ATEX; OIML approval to C3 (Y = 10,000); NTEP approval to 10,000 intervals, Class III L
  • RC3 Compression Load Cell – (7.5t to 300t); IP68/IP69K; ATEX; OIML approval to C4 (Y = 15,000); NTEP approval to 10,000 intervals, Class III L (for 7.5t to 75t)
  • RC3D Compression Load Cell (Digital) – (30t, 40t, 50t); IP68; OIML approval to C4 (Y = 15,000).

They are supported by a range of weigh modules designed specifically for compression load cells.

Flintec’s range of load cells and force measurement products also includes:

Electronics -­ junction boxes, analogue amplifiers, digitising units, weighing indicators, remote displays, measuring instruments

Force measurement sensors -­ general purpose, fatigue rated, precision series, metrology grade, tulip transducers, shear pins, extensometer

Customized solutions – bespoke load cells and other solutions designed to cope with the most challenging applications.

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