New CC1 Load Cells From Load Cell Manufacturer Flintec

Increased oil production in Brazil is helping to drive demand for load cell manufacturer Flintec’s latest new force measurement solutions.

Flintec has supplied new specialised load cells to Brazil’s biggest oil company Petrobras to help underpin the reliability of its ‘nodding donkey’ oil pumps.

World class load cells specialist Flintec developed a new model of compression load cell ­- the CC1 polished rod load cell -­ for Petrobras.

The new CC1 load cells were fitted to Petrobras oil pumps to measure the forces acting on the pump booms.

Flintec’s highly reliable load cells outperformed a lower quality Far Eastern alternative which failed under tough operational field tests.

The new Flintec load cells look set to be rolled out further across oil pumps operated by Petrobras, the biggest company in Brazil and eighth largest in the world. Petrobras operates in 29 countries.

Flintec Managing Director David Weeks said: “Once again, Flintec load cells have set new standards in performance and reliability.

“We see a bright future for the new CC1 compression load cells with a whole range of potential applications in the process automation and control market in particular.”

Flintec has a strong presence in process automation and control with its load cells being used for diverse applications including press fitting in assembly lines, tensioning in textiles and print machinery and integrity in pipes and pumps.

Innovation and quality are the key drivers for Flintec which has built its world-class business by taking on major force measurement challenges that rival load cell manufacturers have traditionally either shunned or tackled badly.

Load cell suppliers Flintec’s products include:
• a wide range of ultra-accurate load cells ­- single point, beam type, compression, tension, planar beam and custom-made load cells
• load cell, strain gage and force measurement electronics such as load cell amplifiers, digitising units, displays and instruments
• customised solutions -­ load cells and other force measurement products custom-made for the most challenging applications.

The Petrobras contract is the latest in a series of successes for Flintec’s new Brazil operation which recorded better than expected growth in its first year.

Flintec Brasil LTDA’s sales growth topped forecasts by 50 per cent, building further on its success in Russia, China and India.

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