About Flintec

Flintec is a world leading manufacturer of precision weight measurement technologies designed for use across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

Our journey began in 1968 when two Swedish engineers established a weighing scale design company, designing unique scales and later developing innovative load sensors. Very soon the business grew to include offices in the USA and Germany. Today we have offices and representatives globally.

In 2008 the founder of Flintec passed ownership of the business to Indutrade AB (www.indutrade.se), a company listed on the Swedish stock market. Although ownership of the company has changed, we remain committed to our values of innovation, quality, precision and customer service.

About us

What we do

Our comprehensive range of strain gauge load cells and force sensors are highly reliable, accurate and cost effective. The combination of Flintec sensors and an extensive range of accessories and electronics allow our customers to install and create complete weighing systems.

For customers who require something unique, Flintec offer a fully project managed process of product development, producing sensors, hardware, electronics and software that are fully compliant with international standards and verification requirements. This process includes the manufacture of complete systems for industrial weighing scales and medical applications.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on customer focused service. With offices across the world, we ensure that each customer is given a regional contact who can provide technical guidance and support whenever it is needed. We have a global network of highly skilled engineers who can help with complex system integration and customisation.


Since 1996 Flintec products have been manufactured in Sri Lanka. As demand grew, so did our manufacturing facilities. In 2006 our workforce expanded significantly with the opening of new state-of-the-art facilities. We currently employ over 800 highly skilled staff, manufacturing approximately 1 million sensors and 5 million strain gauges annually.

Our sensors are manufactured using highly precise machinery, and are continually checked for accuracy. Our strain gauges are manufactured by a dedicated team of highly skilled staff who ensure consistency and reliability. Each product manufactured by Flintec is rigorously tested and conforms to ISO9001 and ISO13485 requirements, ensuring quality and precision.

We are extremely proud of our manufacturing facilities and welcome any prospective customer to visit Sri Lanka to understand why our products are renowned for being well made and reliable.

Global Reach

With offices and product stock strategically placed across the world, Flintec are able to offer fast shipments to our customers, regardless of location.

If stock levels don’t meet order requirements we can often mobilise our vast team of manufacturing staff to quickly meet the needs of our customers, offering priority manufacturing combined with either air or sea shipping.