Flintec Launch Easy Fit, Plug and Play, Range of Load Cells for On-Board Weighing Applications.

Flintec, a leading load cell and force measurement solutions provider, announces the launch of its innovative on board vehicle weighing DSB7 range of load cells.

The design of the DSB7 family allows for easy fitment, reducing the need for extensive chassis modification and technical electrical installations, whilst offering greater load capacity and an array of new features and accessories.

Capacities are 7.5, 15 and 25 tonne, allowing use across most types of commercial vehicle including light trucks, tippers, waste and recycling trucks, heavy duty vehicles and agricultural vehicles. The characteristics of the range, along with Flintec technologies at its core, provide reliability, accuracy and robustness with minimal changes to a vehicles weight and dimensions.

The DSB7 family exhibits high accuracy to 0.15%, 0.25% and 0.5% (or better) combined error, alongside a 300% ultimate overload limit. Each cell is supplied with a traceable manufacturer’s calibration certificate. The often harsh conditions in which these load cells will be used have resulted in the range being manufactured in corrosion resistant stainless steel, environmentally rated to IP68 along with a fully sealed M12 five metre cable.

To back up the capacity specification, Flintec has had the DSB7 independently tested with footage available on the Flintec website. Four new videos show the load cell being put through its paces in a series of compression, shear, tensile and twist destruction tests. The footage along with technical information can be found here.

Together with its market leading specification, Flintec also provides a range of accessories that makes the DSB7 a complete, cost effective, plug and play on board weighing load cell. Accessories include cable extenders, junction boxes and a weight indicator.

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