The Flintweigh III weighing system comprises of both a microprocessor board and software that together allows you to connect your load cells to a PC to view and manipulate your weighing data. The whole system is approved by OIML for legal-for-trade applications.

The physical unit has an aluminium enclosure, environmentally protected to IP40. It features USB and Ethernet ports for connecting to a PC, a digital I/O for connecting a traffic light or gate, an RS-485 input for digital load cells, two cable glands for analogue load cells and a power supply port.

The PC-based software continuously displays the weight data and cannot be obscured by other applications. It also features tamper-proof Alibi memory and an OLE software component with an Active-X-Control Interface, which makes it easy to provide the scale data to other programs. The software functionality includes weight display, scale calibration, zeroing and taring, stability announcement, gravity compensation and printing.

Key Features

  • EU Type approval 10,000 intervals (single range), or 2×5,000 / 3×3,000 intervals (multi-range / multi interval)
  • Approved PC-Weight Display on PC
  • Printers and remote display can be connected directly to a PC
  • Connection for analogue and digital RC3D load cells
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces for connection to PC
  • RS485 interface for connection to RC3D
  • 1x opto-isolated input, 2x opto-isolated outputs
  • Calibration performed by FlintWeigh III software
  • Power supply 12V DC


Designed for a range of universal weighing applications that use either analogue or digital load cells.

It can transfer approved weighing data to a Windows-based program without the need for complex and expensive program interfaces.