LDU 68.1/68.2/69.1/78.1 Load Cell Digitising Unit

The LDU family is an extensive line of digitizing modules which offer highly accurate solutions for a very broad range of measurement and weighing applications. Within the range, the LDU 68.1, 69.1 and 79.1 are certified to 10,000d, OIML R76. Standard weighing functionality is provided which cover such applications as filling, dosing and high speed checkweighing. The LDU is conveniently packaged to ease integration into the smallest of weighing devices thru to DIN mounting for industrial control cabinets.

The LDU range of load cell digitising units by Flintec.

Key Features

  • DIN rail mounted enclosure to IP20
  • accuracies to 10,000d OIML or 0.001%
  • ± 11mV analogue input range
  • up to 600 measurements/sec
  • software calibration and set up
  • RS485 interface
  • Available with a range of adapter boards


Universal weighing, process weighing, process automation & control, test and measurement and medical device applications.