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Mechanical Application Parts for Compression Load Cells

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Type 66-20 Weigh Module

Type 66-20_400


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Product Description

The type 66-20 weigh module has been designed for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. The electro-polished, all stainless steel construction and hygienic design is ideally suited for CIP (Clean-in-Place) and SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) environments.
The weigh module provides system integrators with a uniform, compact and economical solution across a wide range of load cell capacities ­ from 500 kg through to 30 000 kg.

  • Designed for Q50 compression disk load cells
  • Material: alloy steel (1.0443), plated; alternatively electro-polished stainless steel

Key Features

  • Capacities 0.5 t . . . 30 t
  • Low profile design
  • Easy to install
  • Especially designed for hopper and tank weighing
  • With integrated lift off protection
  • Load cell replacement requires minimum lifting height


  • Stainless steeI version with electro-polished finish

Available Accessory

  • Welding fixture


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Flintec's ruggedised weighing modules are tough enough to withstand earthquakes.

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