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Products to suit every application

Flintec offers a broad range of standard components for weighing and force measurement applications.

Our standard product portfolio consists of:

Load cells


Strain gauge based
transducers for the
determination of

Force sensors


Strain gauge based
transducers for the
measurement of force



Amplifiers, A/D
converters and weight



components that
maximise the
performance of load
cells and force sensors.

In addition to our standard products we also provide:


On request we will alter our standard products to suit your requirements, such as your company logos, certification, variations of cable type and lengths and strain gauge bridge resistance

Strain Gauge Bonding Services

For clients who need to turn an existing component into a force measuring device, we can provide a fast and reliable service utilising our years of strain gauge knowledge

Build-to-Print ­Manufacturing

Your product design using our state of the art production facilities and sensor know-how

Sub-System and System Manufacture

We design and manufacture complete products for our clients, from integrating electronics and mechanical components with our sensors to building complete systems such as weighing scales and medical devices.

We design and manufacture our own strain gauges, machine and assemble our own products and test and calibrate every sensor and system within our own manufacturing facilities.

Our extensive stock of standard products at our facilities in Sri Lanka, Germany, the UK, USA and Brazil means we can ship products immediately upon request.

Contact Flintec to discuss your requirements for standard and customised load cell and force measurement products.

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