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Process Weighing

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Process Weighing

Whether you are weighing tonnes of molten metal or ultralight pharmaceutical products - Flintec can create load cells and force measurement sensors to suit your application precisely.

Off-the-shelf load cells or rapidly-developed customised solutions using Flintec's high performance electronics will sit at the heart of the digital measuring systems you need.

Expect speed, stability and seamless ease of interface with your existing systems.

For nearly half a century, our teams have innovated weight and force measurement technology for applications across a wide range of sectors.

Customers in metals, pharmaceuticals and food/beverages production demand loads cells and electronics that are:

  • sealed to survive the most rugged environments
  • proven to be reliable day after day, year after year in 24-hour operation
  • versatile and capable, with their own digital intelligence.

The Flintec Product Range - Products to suit every application

More information on off-the-shelf or custom-designed  strain gage load cells and electronics.

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