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Load Cell Design - Partnering With Flintec

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Add Flintec's Load Cell Design Expertise To Your Team

More companies across the world are calling on Flintec’s load cell design expertise to help them engineer hi-tech new products and overcome barriers to new global markets.

Flintec’s reputation for load cell innovation is world-class ­ but the company does so much more than simply manufacturing and supplying load cells, weighing modules, electronics and software.

Flintec provides complete turnkey solutions and is actively seeking new partnerships with manufacturers:

  • Benefit from Flintec’s load cell design expertise in delivering complete new products, systems and solutions.

  • Benefit from Flintec’s global reach to access new international markets faster and more easily - ­ use Flintec to help overcome barriers to sales. 

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Here are two examples of how Flintec load cell design engineers have partnered with client companies to create new technology and promote it in much wider markets…


Load Cell Design: Flintec Partners With Noax To Help Create Industrial Weighing Computers

Load Cell Design Case StudyGerman specialist PC manufacturer Noax Technologies of Ebersberg near Munich called on Flintec to help create new waterproof touchscreen PCs for use in harsh and wet working environments.

Flintec used its load cell design expertise to add weighing capabilities to Noax rugged industrial PCs. The IP67 PCs can operate in slaughterhouses and chemical plants where use of normal PCs would normally be impossible.

Flintec played a key design role in the project, developing the electronics and weighing software at the heart of the new industrial PCs ­ eliminating the need for weighing indicators because the PC takes on that role.

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Load Cell Design: Flintec Partners With Merry To Launch New Livestock Feeders

Load Cell Design Case StudyAgricultural weighing equipment specialist Merry of Erkrath near Düsseldorf partnered with Flintec to create new livestock feeders aimed at boosting farmers’ productivity and profits.

Flintec’s load cell design team provided beam load cells and load cell electronics for Merry’s newest agricultural mixer feeder wagons which help farmers to mix livestock feed ingredients more accurately then distribute the feed more effectively.

In an industry first, the new equipment enables feed data to be downloaded on to PDAs via Bluetooth, making it faster and easier for farmers to analyse the figures and see how improved nutrition levels have boosted milk yields.

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Gain Access To Flintec’s Load Cell Design Expertise

Need help with a challenging engineering or manufacturing project? Flintec offers specialist load cell design expertise across a range of sectors including:

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