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Customised Solutions

The majority of our standard products have optional features that make them customisable to our customers’ needs. However, sometimes an application requires a completely bespoke product.

Flintec has arguably the strongest engineering resource within the load cell and force measurement sector; with in-house skills covering metallurgy, stress analysis, metrology, process engineering, industrial design, electronics and software.

Every year 50% of new product launches are customised solutions ­ some are relatively straight forward development projects that can take a matter of days, others can be extensive development projects that take considerably longer.

For clients who are not experienced with weight and force measurement technology, Flintec acts as a technical support partner working in conjunction with the client’s engineering resource. This often requires working with multiple teams in different locations.

Flintec is able to take care of the sensor, hardware, electronic and software development, verification and validation processes. We ensure full compliance with international standards before finally launching the product. 

Flintec Bespoke Solutions

Our in-house manufacturing can be tailored to produce customised products ­ for low volume specials we can adapt processes quickly, for higher volume solutions we typically establish dedicated work cells.

Regardless of which manufacturing system is adopted, quality and product performance is guaranteed, thanks to our international quality management standards; ISO9001 and ISO13485.

No customer is the same and neither is the product customisation process; however, common elements of the process include:

Client Inquiry ­ inquiries can be submitted via the website, via email or directly to one of our regional offices
Meeting - Flintec sales and technical personnel meet to discuss options and potential solutions; at this stage Flintec is able to offer guidance in terms of technical issues and commercial objectives. This provides you with the most appropriate design solution in the fastest time possible.

Preliminary Design Considerations ­ Flintec Engineers will summarise technical and commercial objectives and review timescales and product costs.

Quotation and Statement of Work ­ Flintec will submit a written quotation and if necessary a detailed statement of works that outlines; design objectives, verification and validation of samples, timescales and the delivery of working samples.

Detailed Product Design ­ once the quotation is agreed, Flintec starts the product design process and will maintain regular contact with client to discuss progress and resulting product performance.
This stage usually involves finite analysis, FMEA and risk analysis to ensure that every aspect of the new product meets or exceeds specification.

Samples, Trials ­ usually samples are submitted to client for detailed evaluation. Sometimes this process will involve multiple stages of “in-house” testing and field evaluation before both parties agree that the resulting product meets all criteria.

Completion of Product Design ­ after formally agreeing on the outcome of the design process and subsequent evaluation of samples, Flintec will finalise the process for transferring the product into manufacturing.

Production ­ all manufacturing functions will now formally conclude the pilot and pre-production stages in accordance with our quality management systems.

Sign Off ­ Flintec meet with the client to formally sign off the product development and if necessary agree upon further product enhancements.

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